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Bentley MX Tools V8 XM Edition

This eSeminar gives department managers and IT professionals an understanding of key developments that affect the use of CAD in your organization. Bentley is committed to protecting and enhancing your significant investment in MX—and we are striving to ensure that ongoing costs, continuity and compatibility are fully addressed.

Please view in turn each chapter of this eSeminar to learn how Bentley will continue to maintain and develop MX, InRoads and GEOPAK—particularly how Bentley has been planning for the future with MX.

We recommend that you use Windows Media Player 10 to view these eSeminars.
What you can learn:

How our next major release, Bentley MX V8 XM Edition, delivers the most significant enhancements seen in MX for many years:

* Built-in CAD functionality
* The introduction of Engineering Components
* Enhanced visualization tools
* New design-to-field technology
Product:Bentley MX Tools V8 XM Edition
Size:46 MB