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ESRI ArcPad 8.0 SP4

What’s New, specifically in SP4

ArcPad 8.0 SP4 addresses very specific issues, from the ArcPad 8.0 releases. Below is a summary of the issues which were addressed, along with their corresponding reference number.


· There is an increase in available memory whilst running ArcPad, particular noticeable on VGA Windows Mobile devices. A memory leak related to icons has been removed (CQ00312338)

· JPEG2000 images are now loaded incrementally avoiding critically low memory states (CQ00312346)

· (Layer) extension developers can set their layer to be dynamic or non-dynamic (missing in 8.0.0 – 8.0.3. CQ00311650)

· GPS on Windows XP rugged tablet PC’s can now be turned off successfully using the GPS Activate/Deactivate tool (CQ00311650)
product:ESRI ArcPad 8.0 SP4
Size:105 MB