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Synopsys PTS vD 2010.06

This synopsysinstaller_INSTALL_README.txt document contains installation instructions for
the Synopsys Installer tool in the following sections:

* General Information

* Installation Procedure

* Using the Installer (EST / FTP Users Only)

* Post-Installation Steps

* Installing From a CD

* Supported Platforms and Required Operating System Patches

General Information

This document contains quick-start installation assistance for product files
downloaded from Synopsys by Electronic Software Transfer (EST).

For detailed installation and post-installation setup steps for most Synopsys
software, see the Installation Guide. (This resource also includes CD
installation assistance.)

To view or obtain the Installation Guide for the current release, go to

* The Synopsys Installation Guide Web page at

* Synopsys Online Documentation (SOLD), which is included with
the software (CD users) and is available for download by EST.

* Synopsys MediaDocs Shop, at

You can order a printed copy of the Installation Guide from this site.
(You can also order other Synopsys documents from this site.)

To obtain your latest Synopsys license key file, go to the SmartKeys Web page at

For information on Synopsys licensing, including download information,
setup help, and other documentation, see the Synopsys Licensing
QuickStart Guide at

To obtain information on supported platforms and required operating system
patches, see the \”Post-Installation Steps\” section of this document.

Installation Procedure
This section contains the following information:

– Installation Prerequisites
– Installing by Electronic Software Transfer (EST)

Installation Prerequisites
It is recommended that you log on as root or have system administrator
privileges. Also, you must have write permission in the installation

Installing by Electronic Software Transfer (EST)

1. Download the Synopsys Installer into a stand-alone directory.
The installer is backward compatible with all software that

* Uses the common installation method
* Is released on or after June 2004

Download the latest version of the Synopys Installer even if you
downloaded the installer for a previous release.

Use your Synopsys user name and password to log in to the Synopsys
EST / FTP site. For example,

% mkdir -p /usr/synopsys/synopsysinstaller
% cd /usr/synopsys/synopsysinstaller
% ftp
220 Synopsys FTP server ready
230 User logged in.
ftp> binary
ftp> cd /rev #Go to the rev directory
ftp> ls #Look for synopsysinstaller_v1.1.1 directory
ftp> cd synopsysinstaller_v1.1.1
ftp> get synopsysinstaller_v1.1.1.tar.Z

2. Uncompress and untar the installer:

% cat synopsysinstaller_v1.1.1.tar.Z | uncompress | tar xvf –


Using the Installer (EST / FTP users only)

1. Make sure the files in the installer directory are

% chmod -R 755 /usr/synopsys/synopsysinstaller

2. Add the installer directory to your UNIX path.

For the C Shell:
% set path=(/usr/synopsys/synopsysinstaller $path)

For the Bourne or Bash shell:
$ PATH=/usr/synopsys/synopsysinstaller:$PATH
$ export $PATH

3. After you uncompress and untar both the platform and
the common files, invoke the installer by using one of the
following commands:

% installer #To use a text script
% #To use a GUI

4. Answer the installer prompts.

When you are prompted to choose a target location for installing
the software, do not select the temporary (source) files location.
You must specify a new location.

To resolve any problems with the installer, see the SolvNet article
\”Troubleshooting Synopsys Installer Problems\” at
product:Synopsys PTS vD 2010.06
Size:315 MB