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Bentley OnSite V8i

Bentley OnSite is a unique solution for civil construction, engineering, and inspection, delivering graphical applications for field stakeout, project inspection, and design information management. Bentley OnSite interoperates with a full array of design/engineering data and streamlines construction/engineering/inspection activities. Users can quickly identify construction details and address issues in real time.

Carrying all needed construction content on a tablet PC or handheld device, field crews now have easy, in-the-field access to a wealth of design and construction information. Bentley OnSite enables construction stakeholders – engineers, surveyors, inspectors, and contractors – to work as a team.
Administrator Features

* Workflow management – distribution of the Design Archive to the field and collection of the Field Database
* Design Archive creation from DGN, DWG, DTM, geometry database, drainage, quantities, and LandXML
* Field Database merging and reporting
* Customizable reports of the comprehensive history of all inspection and stakeout activities
* Combines all individual inspections into a single field book
* Query Field Database by personal, activities (inspections, stakeout) date ranges, state (in progress, complete)
* .NET API to Field Database
* Set up system, project and user preferences System administration for assignments of login, rights and privileges
* Download Field Database (graphics, attributes, and metadata) to DGN to create as-built drawings

Stakeout Features

* Communication with major GPS devices
* Stakeout without reverse engineering
* Automatically generates stake points at desired intervals and/or offsets based on preferences.
* Override of offset (stake determinate) preferences in the field
* No more calculating cut and fill values after manually locating the point; calculates what’s in the field and instantly produces calculations onsite
* Digitally records all staking activities as read-only
* Multiple field databases can be merged via the Bentley OnSite Administrator

Inspection Features

* Graphical status of construction overlaid onto the design
* Information button enables automatic access to metadata by selecting graphics
* Graphically displays where construction differs from design
* Graphics-based, comprehensive history of all inspection activities: who, date, weather, etc.
* Facilitate measurement for real as-builts .NET API customizable for specialty inspections
* Use GPS to create electronic as-builts during normal inspection tasks
* Reduced paperwork
* All field books, specs, drawings, forms, and tables available electronically
* Customizable by inheritance for quantities extraction, formulas, etc.
* Survey data collection for instant quantities
* Linear, volume, and individual feature quantity measurements – related or unrelated to graphics
Product:Bentley OnSite V8i
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