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Synopsys hspice vD 2010.03 SP1

This document describes how to install the HSPICE product.
The installation instructions in this document are the most up-to-date
available at the time of production. However, changes might have occurred.
For the latest installation information, see the product release notes or
This document provides instructions for UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms.
This document includes the following sections:

Media Availability and Supported Platforms

Disk Space Requirements

Installing the Software on UNIX or Linux Platforms

Configuring HSPICE and AvanWaves for UNIX and Linux

Setting Up the User Environment on UNIX and Linux

Verifying the Installation

Installing the Software on Windows Platforms
HSPICE Integration to CadenceTM Virtuoso® Analog Design Environment

Related Documentation and Customer Support
You must set the DISPLAY environment variable before you install the
software. Because the HSPICE postinstallation script is GUI based, the tool
installation will fail if this variable is not set. (See Configuring HSPICE and
AvanWaves for UNIX and Linux on page 5.)
product:Synopsys hspice vD 2010.03 SP1
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