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Synopsys CosmosScope 2010.03 Win

Today’s complex integrated circuit (IC) designs generate a vast amount of simulation data. CosmosScope™ turns that mountain of data into useful information. With powerful analysis and measurement capabilities, patented waveform-calculator technology, and scripting language based on the industry standard Tcl/Tk, CosmosScope offers unparalleled capability and flexibility to analyze design performance and ensure design quality. CosmosScope supports all Synopsys simulators: HSPICE®, NanoSim™, Saber® and SaberHDL.

CosmosScope benefits

* Supports all Synopsys simulation products with a single viewer including HSPICE, NanoSim Saber, and SaberHDL
* Provides powerful Tcl/Tk-based scripting language for easy customization
* Performs post-processing of analog and digital simulation results
* Automatically annotates graphs with design information using true WYSIWYG graphics, including arrows, shapes and text
* Annotates graphs with 50 types of measurements for immediate visual feedback on design performance
* Saves and restores graphs for further editing—entire CosmosScope sessions can be saved and restored to pick up where you left off
* Streamlines the design process through tight integration with Synopsys’ Cosmos™ full-custom design environment and third-party design frameworks
product:Synopsys CosmosScope 2010.03 Win