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Synopsys Innovator 2009.12 SP1

Synopsys Innovator 2009.12 SP1 New Release.

The Growing Importance of Software
Software development has traditionally trailed the hardware development as part of a sequential design flow. However, today most chips simply will not reach volume production without the availability of the associated software. Therefore, it has become imperative that design teams start software development as early as possible in the design flow, ideally in parallel to hardware development.

Synopsys Solution
Synopsys’ Innovator provides an integrated development environment for embedded system developers to efficiently develop, execute and debug virtual platforms. In addition to the ability to integrate transaction-level models from various sources, Innovator eases the authoring of SystemC TLM-2.0 compatible models. Once a virtual platform is assembled and verified with Innovator, it can be delivered to programmers as a standalone, run-time executable with open interfaces for software debuggers and software development tool chains, seamlessly fitting into software developers’ work flows.

In combination with the Synopsys DesignWare® System-level Library of tool-independent, transaction-level models, Synopsys’ Innovator delivers a complete, high productivity environment for developing virtual platforms.

product:Synopsys Innovator 2009.12 SP1