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Encom PA 10.0.17

Encom PA 10.0.17 contains a full installation version of Encom PA Explorer, PA Professional and PA Viewer 10.0, including documentation, tutorials and example data.

Encom PA Explorer
Encom PA Explorer contains all visualisation methods (in curve profiles, section profiles, 2D maps and 3D displays), data linking, import utilities and basic processing, conversion and most display utilities.

PA Professional
Encom PA Professional includes all modules available in PA Explorer plus a number of additional utilities for extending the interpretation functionality of Encom PA, such as digitising features in 1D, 2D and 3D.

PA Viewer
Encom PA Viewer is a freely distributable version of Encom PA, allowing all PA session files to be viewed and printed without a licence installation, with the limitation of not allowing changes to the properties of any views.

product:Encom PA 10.0.17