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ArchiStair 2.0 For Archicad 12

ArchiStair 2 is an ArchiCAD Plug-in that allows stairs to be created even when the design constraints of the new project or remodel prohibit them from having a regular shape.
With its simple and rapid graphical interface, ArchiStair 2 allows users to create stairs with treads and landings that have customised, creative shapes.

What\’s new in version 2

* new stair\’s typologies;
* full customizable railings along a polyline, on stairs and on ArchiCAD elements (slab, roof, mesh);
* graphic interface ti create/edit railings elements (handrail, newel, etc.);
* gravity on the stair (to let objects \”land\” exactly on the stair);
* multistory stairs;
* full customization of pens and fills on stories, elevations and 3D window.

ArchiStair 2 offers full compatibility with the stairs created with the previous version
When you try to edit a stair previously designed with ArchiStair 1, you\’ll be asked to convert it to the new release, so you can have all the ArchiStair 2 tools available for the \”old\” object.
Product:ArchiStair 2.0 For Archicad 12