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Bentley SewerGEMS v8i

ewerGEMS is a fully-dynamic, multi-platform, sanitary and combined sewer modeling solution. Engineers can analyze sanitary or combined conveyance sewer systems using built-in hydraulic and hydrology tools and a variety of wet-weather calibration methods. From urban sewer planning to overflow remediation analysis, to optimized Best Management Practices designs, SewerGEMS provides an easy-to-use environment for engineers to analyze, design, and operate sanitary and combined sewer systems.

One product. One model file. Four included platforms.
Users of SewerGEMS enjoy the power and versatility afforded by working across CAD, GIS, and stand-alone platforms while accessing a single, shared, project data source. With SewerGEMS, utilities and consultants have built-in support for four interoperable platforms, all packaged together in a single product:

* Windows stand-alone for ease of use, accessibility, and performance,
* ArcGIS for GIS integration, thematic mapping, and publishing,
* MicroStation® for bridging geospatial planning and engineering design environments, and
* AutoCAD for integrated compatibility with the world’s most popular CAD platform.

Utilities and consultants can share a single dataset using different interfaces, and modeling teams can leverage the skills of engineers from different departments. Engineers can flatten learning curves by choosing the environment they already know and provide results that can be visualized on multiple platforms.
Product:Bentley SewerGEMS v8i