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Synopsys Saber 2009.06 SP1 Linux

Saber Accelerates Robust Design

Focus: Manage mechatronic complexity by accelerating Robust Design via simulation

* Automotive (mid-class car) — 50+ microprocessors, 100+ sensors, 30+ electrical subsystems
* Aerospace (A380) — 530km of wires, 100,000 cable sections, 40,300 connectors

Results for OEMs and supply chain:

* Optimize system for performance, reliability, and cost
* Reduce effects of variation
* Bound worst case behavior
* Repeatable processes – create 10,000s of virtual prototypes

* Saber
* Key Benefits
* Applications
* Robust Design
* Modeling

* Industries & Applications
Featuring the automotive and aerospace markets

Robust Design solutions for vehicle power networks, in-vehicle networks (IVN) such as FlexRay, powertrain systems, and wire harness design & simulation.

Advanced capabilities for Robust Design and worst-case analysis (WCA) for power systems, avionics, flight controls, and wire harness design & simulation.

* Methodologies
Advanced simulation methods for improved design reliability

Robust Design / DFSS
Saber advances the proven development philosophy of Robust Design which is focused on achieving target reliability.

Wire Harness Design & Simulation
Saber Harness provides proven design and verification capabilities in conjunction with the Saber Simulator to create correct-by-design wire harnesses.

Mechatronic Design & Simulation
Virtually all design systems depend on the integration of electrical, mechanical, and software technologies to control or replace mechanical operations.

* Capabilities
Advanced methods for design reliability

Saber provides extensive coverage of IEEE standard modeling language VHDL-AMS and leadership on the Steering Committee of the VHDL-AMS Working Group.

Accurate models and modeling tools are critical for system simulation. Saber’s VHDL-AMS & MAST model libraries and modeling tools provide tremendous value.

Simulation & Analysis
Engineering teams achieve stringent performance and reliability goals by applying systematic modeling, design, simulation, and analysis methods.

Design Entry
Saber Sketch provides the efficiency of a rich symbol library and lookup utility with advanced schematics design.

* Increase reliability for mechatronic systems, PCBs & wire harnesses
* Implement Robust Design analyses such as stress, sensitivity, Monte Carlo, etc.
* Quickly create a virtual system design
* Reduce the need for physical prototypes
* Increase model portability with language standards VHDL-AMS & MAST
* Ensure accuracy by accessing a library of 30,000+ models
* Create models quickly with model characterization tools
* Protect intellectual property with model encryption
* Integrate with popular 3D CAD tools (Catia V5, Siemens(UGS), Pro/E)
* Verify hardware/software interaction with co-simulation
* Integrate: MATLAB/Simulink, Zuken, Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Synopsys VCS
* Use grid computing to minimize time for compute intensive statistical analyses

By using Saber to implement a Robust Design methodology, design project teams achieve target reliability, while optimizing the design for performance and cost. The reliability and cost problems associated with over/under-design are avoided and the project schedule is shortened because hardware prototype iterations are reduced or eliminated.
product:Synopsys Saber 2009.06 SP1 Linux