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Paradigm Sysdrill 2009

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, Mar 18, 2009 – Paradigm, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions to the global oil and natural gas exploration and production (E&P) industry, announced today the worldwide launch of Paradigm Sysdrill 2009 at the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) Drilling Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam. Paradigm Sysdrill is one of the industry’s most advanced well planning and drilling engineering applications. The 2009 version delivers tighter integration, improved ease-of-use, and enhanced functionality.

“In today’s challenging market conditions, there is even greater need for accurate well design that minimizes non-productive rig time,” said Robert Innes, Paradigm director of well planning and drilling. “Paradigm Sysdrill 2009 enables high levels of integration and engineering analysis to achieve these goals and further demonstrates our commitment and continued investment in this highly competitive well planning and drilling solution.”

Paradigm Sysdrill 2009 combines advanced well planning and drilling engineering in a single application that allows drilling engineers to plan wells quickly, safely and accurately to reduce drilling risk and uncertainty. Some of the major benefits of the 2009 release are:

  • Significant reduction of data entry time for engineering analyses
  • Advanced input/output interface for loading of third-party data
  • Result-driven analysis for quick identification of drilling problems
  • ncorporation of geological data for improved planning and visualization
  • Office style output for incorporation into the drilling program

Sysdrill 2009 is also tightly integrated with Paradigm Geolog (used for petrophysical log interpretation) to provide a commercially available real-time geosteering solution. Geolog, a contractor-independent geosteering solution, offers unique workflows to support the fast creation of log-scale geosteering models ahead of drilling, facilitate interactive updates to geosteering models while drilling, and enable re-planning of wells using updated models. Paradigm is currently one of the largest contractor-independent providers of well planning and drilling engineering software solutions, empowering customers to better manage their drilling activities and reduce drilling costs.

The interactivity between Sysdrill and Geolog is one example of the many multidisciplinary workflows enabled by the Paradigm solutions continuum, known as Paradigm Higher Order Workflows (H.O.W.). Paradigm H.O.W. advance the science of hydrocarbon detection and extraction with advanced, fit-for-purpose and customizable geophysical, geological, petrophysical, and engineering solutions, carried out on the Paradigm open and distributed data model, Paradigm Epos.

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