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Synopsys Tcad sentaurus 2008.09 SP1 Linux

Technology Computer-Aided Design (TCAD) refers to the use of computer simulations to develop and optimize semiconductor processing technologies and devices. Synopsys TCAD software solves fundamental, physical partial differential equations, such as diffusion and transport equations, to model the structural properties and electrical behavior of semiconductor devices. This deep physical approach gives TCAD simulation predictive accuracy for a broad range of technologies. Therefore, TCAD simulations are used to reduce the costly and time-consuming test wafer runs when developing and characterizing a new semiconductor device or technology.

Synopsys TCAD tools are used by all leading semiconductor companies throughout the technology development cycle. At the early stage of technology development, TCAD tools allow engineers to explore product design alternatives such as engineering the substrate to enhance channel mobility and meet performance goals even when experimental data is not readily available. During the process integration stage, Synopsys TCAD tools enable engineers to do simulation split runs such as Design of Experiment (DOE) to comprehensively characterize and optimize the process, which saves time and money by reducing experimental runs on real wafers. As the process is introduced into manufacturing, TCAD tools provide a mechanism for advanced process control during mass production, thereby improving parametric yield.

product:Synopsys Tcad sentaurus 2008.09 SP1 Linux