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OSLO Premium Edition 6.4.6

OSLO® Leading Lens Design Software

OSLO (Optics Software for Layout and Optimization) is a powerful optics design software program with the scope needed to meet today’s optics requirements. In addition to classical lens design features, OSLO combines advanced ray tracing, analysis, and optimization methods with a high speed macro language to solve a wide variety of new problems in optics design . Interested? Try our 30-day free trial of OSLO . Everything you require from optical design software!

What Does OSLO Do?

OSLO is primarily an optical design software package used in lens design to determine the optimal sizes and shapes of the components in optics systems. OSLO has the capability of modeling a wide range of reflective, refractive and diffractive components. In addition, OSLO is used to simulate and analyze the performance of optics systems. With OSLO’s CCL programming language, you can develop specialized optics optics and lens design software tools for modeling , testing, and manufacturing optics systems .

OSLO provides an integrated optical design software environment that helps you complete almost any task in contemporary optics design. More than a lens design software , OSLO also provides advanced tools for designing medical instrumentation, illuminations systems and telescommunications equipment, to name typical applications.
Product:OSLO Premium Edition 6.4.6