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Bentley Map V8i XM

Labeling Annotation Enhancement
Bentley Map now includes tools to create dynamic labels from feature properties. Users can create custom maps labeled with one or more properties of the feature. All of the usual MicroStation text symbology options are supported. Labels can be saved as text using the Annotation tool.

Edit in Data Browser
The Data Browser can now be used to edit the properties of any editable feature. Users can edit multiple features at once, simplifying the process of mass attribute updates.

Overlay Results Reporting Buffer
Results from overlays and buffers are now saved as permanent features and can be viewed in the Data Browser.

Polygon Split Merge
Any polygonal feature can be split and merged with the new split and merge tools. Any rules that are defined in the Bentley Map project will be applied to the resulting attributes. The new split and merge tools simplify the maintenance of polygon data sets.

Joins Between Features
Features with common properties can now be joined for improved query and reporting. Once features are joined the properties become available for thematic mapping, labeling, and other property driven tools.

Interoperability – 3D Import, GML
The interoperability tools have been improved with the addition of the GML 3.1.1 support. In addition, import now includes improved 3D support. Features can be placed at an elevation stored as a feature property. Contours can be placed at the proper 3D elevation, making them immediately useable by digital elevation modeling tools.

Promote DGN Element to XFM
The new Promote tool simplifies the conversion of existing digital data into intelligent Bentley Map features. Properties can be applied during the conversion process. Convert elements to features individually or by selection set or fence. Simple CAD data can be easily imported into Bentley Map, simplifying the process of building and maintaining complex data sets.

ProjectWise Links and DGN Links Support with Oracle Spatial Persistence
MicroStation supports the ability to link files and images to features in the DGN file. If a user is working in an Oracle Spatial environment, Bentley Map recognizes these links and stores them in a specific attribute in the Oracle Spatial table. When features containing these links are queried, Bentley Map recognizes the link and restores them for immediate use.

3D Modeling Tools and Overview
Bentley Map introduces new tools to support the creation and maintenance of 3D urban building models (also known as 3D City GIS). Use MicroStation solid modeling tools to interactively create 3D building models. Bentley Map can be used to assign properties to those models and store them in Oracle Spatial. Urban models can be used for a variety of analysis, including shadow and massing studies, animated fly-throughs, visualization, and line of sight studies.

i-model Export (for use in ProjectWise Navigator)
An i-model is a read-only file that contains all geometry and properties for a particular project. It is useful for transferring design information among various applications. Being read-only and self-contained (all references and properties in one file), it can also represent the state of a project or map at a particular point in time. Bentley Map can publish map models and contents, including properties and associated data sources to the i-model format. All Bentley applications can be used to read this file.

FME Desktop Support
Bentley Map now includes a new FME Extension, which increases data access and editing to over 225 formats. This new support enables GIS and mapping professionals to easily move spatial data into and out of Bentley Map without the need to perform pre/post processing or data conversion. FME Desktop is required from Safe Software.

Data Browser
A new Data Browser application has been added for displaying the results of a
query using the new search tool or for browsing the various feature instances
available in a session. Multiple feature instances can be browsed at once with
each feature class presented on its own tab. Columns can be filtered and sorted
interactively, hidden, and renamed much like any modern spreadsheet. The
results of a query or browsing session can be saved in a variety of formats
including CSV, HTML, and XML.
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