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Synopsys VCS MX 2008.09 Linux

VCS MX 2008.09 Linux  is the industry抯 most comprehensive RTL verification solution in a single product, providing advanced bug-finding technologies, a built-in debug and visualization environment and support for all popular design and verification languages including Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog and SystemC™. The VCS solution抯 advanced bug-finding technologies include full-featured Native Testbench, complete assertions and comprehensive code and functional coverage to find more bugs faster and easier. Additionally, the VCS Verification Library provides verification IP for today抯 most popular bus standards. By natively integrating these technologies within its unique, single-compiler architecture, the VCS solution delivers up to 5X faster verification performance compared with using multiple, stand-alone tools. The VCS solution抯 powerful debug and visualization environment minimizes the turnaround time to find and fix design bugs.
product:Synopsys VCS MX 2008.09 Linux