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Synopsys Nanotime 2007.12 SP2 Linux

With process geometries reaching
90-nanometers (nm) and below, there
are many nanometer effects that can
impact timing. Accurate analysis of
these effects is required to identify real
timing issues.
Synopsys’ NanoTime tool is the
next-generation transistor-level
static timing analysis solution that
addresses the emerging challenges
in signal integrity (SI) analysis
associated with custom designs.
NanoTime offers concurrent timing
and SI analysis, accuracy within
five percent of HSPICE®, and the
performance required to analyze
complex transistor circuits overnight.
Its seamless integration with Synopsys’
PrimeTime® product enables full-chip
analysis of designs that includes both
gate- and transistor-level blocks.
NanoTime is a key component of the
Synopsys custom design verification
solution that includes CustomSim®
and HSPICE for circuit simulation
and ESP-CV for symbolic simulation.
product:Synopsys Nanotime 2007.12 SP2 Linux