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Synopsys TetraMAX 2007.12 SP5 Linux

TetraMAX® ATPG automatically generates high quality manufacturing test patterns. It\’s the only ATPG solution optimized for a wide range of test methodologies and integrated with Synopsys\’ patented DFTMAX™ compression the leading test synthesis tool. The unparalleled ease-of-use and high performance provided by TetraMAX ATPG allows RTL designers to quickly create efficient, compact tests for even the most complex designs.

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Key Benefits

* Increases product quality with power-aware test patterns for high defect detection
* Reduces testing costs through the use of advanced pattern compaction techniques
* Increases designer productivity by leveraging integration with Synopsys DFTMAX compression
* Creates tests for complex and multi-million gate designs


* Extremely high capacity and performance
* Multicore support for accelerated run time
* Integrated graphical user interface and simulation waveform viewer
* Comprehensive scan design rule checking
* Integrated fault simulator for functional vectors
* Yield diagnostics with automatic defect isolation


* DSMTest option enables power-aware patterns and advanced fault models
* IddQ Test option available for quiescent test validation
* Integrated with Synopsys Yield Explorer for true, high-bandwidth volume diagnostics

Testing Complex ASICs
With TetraMAX ATPG, designers can generate high-quality manufacturing test patterns without compromising on high performance design techniques (Figure 1). While such techniques may impede other ATPG tools, TetraMAX ATPG is able to obtain coverage on the resulting complex logic.
product:Synopsys TetraMAX 2007.12 SP5 Linux