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Optiwave OptiSystem 7.0

::::::English Description::::::

OptiSystem is a comprehensive software design suite that enables users to plan, test, and simulate optical links in the transmission layer of modern optical networks.

OptiSystem 7.0 – New Version Now Available

  • New component library addressing the design of modern Coherent Optical Communication Systems.
  • A True 64-bit engine supporting next generation operating systems, including Windows VISTA.
  • Improved optical source and signal processing models.

    Comprehensive Features

    • Four-wave Mixing, Stimulated Brillouin Scattering, Self-Phase Modulation, Cross-Phase Modulation.
    • Stimulated Raman Scattering, and full bi-directional capabilities.
    • MLSE (Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimate), advanced component using the Viterbi algorithm.
    • A robust library of multimode fiber models, including Parabolic-Index and Measured-Index profile.
    • The most advanced optical amplifier design library available.

    The professional design environment of OptiSystem can simulate emerging PON technologies, such as the various optical code-division multiple-access (OCDMA) techniques for OCDMA-PON architectures. The robust simulation environment enables users to plan, test and simulate optical links in the physical layer of a variety of passive optical networks: BPON, EPON, GPON.

product:Optiwave OptiSystem 7.0