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Bentley Map XM

Bentley Map is a full-featured GIS designed to address the unique and challenging needs of organizations that map, plan, design, build, and operate the world’s infrastructure. It enhances underlying MicroStation capabilities to power precision geospatial data creation, maintenance, and analysis. Users can easily integrate data from a wide variety of sources into engineering and mapping workflows. Multiple data types with varying coordinate systems are transformed on-the-fly as they are integrated with Bentley Map. Bentley Map provides for direct editing of Oracle Spatial datasets with full maintenance of topology. Powerful analytical and presentation tools allow for detailed analysis, studies, and decision support.

An intuitive Map Manager simplifies display and query of large amounts of complex spatial information. The Map Manager takes advantage of MicroStation V8 XM Edition’s new display capabilities, including display ordering and transparency. Users can easily create custom maps in a WYSIWYG environment and map definitions can be saved at any time for later recall, editing, analysis or plotting.

Bentley Map facilitates geospatial data integration within the enterprise and extends the value of all types of spatial information. Since Bentley Map is tightly integrated with MicroStation, it allows simultaneous manipulation of raster and vector data. A seamless interoperability environment makes it easy to work with industry spatial data formats. It can be implemented with any two-tier database connection supported by MicroStation, a two-tier connection to Oracle Spatial or a three-tier connection to Oracle Spatial or ArcGIS.
Product:Bentley Map XM