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Bentley Generative Components for Triforma XM 建筑设计

Bentley Generative Components是个装在Microstation上的参数化建模插件, 可以用来设计日渐流行的自由曲面和不规则几何造型, 由于参数化的设计思路和工作模式, 其生成的几何形体可以说是可控制的随机形态, 也就是说通过定义一系列几何元素的空间关系,可以在同一个空间实体的基础上的产生相当丰富的拓扑变形,从而为设计师的形体构思提供多样化的参考,并可为施工图纸的生成提供精确的定位. KPF, Foster, Morphosis, Arup等许多设计公司都已经开始试用这一插件来设计和推敲复杂的建筑造型.

::::::English Description::::::

GenerativeComponents is an associative and parametric modeling system used by architects and engineers to automate the design processes and accelerate design iterations. It gives designers and engineers new ways to efficiently explore alternative building forms without manually building the detail design model for each scenario. It also increases their efficiency in managing conventional design and documentation.

GenerativeComponents captures and graphically presents both design components and abstract relationships between them. This capability lets GenerativeComponents go beyond making geometry explicit; it makes design intent explicit as well. Although designers are working graphically, based on intuition and experience in architectural design, their work is captured in logical form.

Product:Bentley Generative Components for Triforma XM 建筑设计