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ADAPT PT 8.003

::::::English Description::::::

Since 1981, the Industry’s standard and choice of consulting engineers worldwide for an easy-to-use, efficient, and reliable production tool. This software is based on the proven Equivalent Frame Technology and  features the following modeling, analysis and design
       Modeling Capabilities
           o Project parameters entered using easy to learn and use design wizard
           o Bonded (grouted) and unbonded post-tensioning
           o One-way and two-way floor systems and beam frames   
           o Multiple beam cross-sections: rectangular, T, L  and I    
           o Drop caps, drop panels, steps above and below  the slab 
           o 3D solid model viewer for visual verification of input geometry
           o Imports input data for design strip from ADAPT- Builder suite of programs 
      Analysis Capabilities
           o Equivalent frame or simple frame method of  analysis 
           o Allowance for cracking in deflection  calculation of beams and one-way slab systems
           o Calculation of long-term losses due to creep, shrinkage, and relaxation in prestressing
           o Friction and elongation calculations  Design and Automatic Code Checks
           o Automatically generates first-pass post- tensioning design optimized for:
                 + User-specified range of precompression
                 + Allowable tensile and compression stress limits   
                 + User-specified range of dead load balancing
           o Interactive design summary page (Recycle Window) gives overview of analysis results and allows for rapid optimization
          o Graphical display of tendon profile eliminates errors while editing post-tensioning
          o Graphical display of stress levels against user specified stress limits while editing post-tensioning allows the user to immediately see the effects of the changes on the design!
         o Beam shear and punching shear checks
         o Reinforcement check for strength and minimum requirements of the code
          o Design of reinforcement for lateral load cases 
      Output and Reports
          o A graphical display of the structural model and tendon profile
          o Graphical and tabular display of location,length and amount of required reinforcement 
      Licensing Options
          o Multi-license network or stand-alone versions

Product:ADAPT PT 8.003