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DYNSIM is a comprehensive, dynamic process simulation program that enables users to meet and beat the dynamic challenges of designing and operating a modern process plant safely and profitably. Powered by the SIM4ME common modeling environment, DYNSIM is designed with model data inheritance as a key concept. It expedites your comprehensive engineering workflow: design, operational analysis, dynamic simulation, operator training, performance monitoring, and real-time optimization to reduce capital investment costs, improve process yields, and enhance management decision support while leveraging your existing technology investments.

Benefit from dynamic simulation engineering studies using DYNSIM. Services can be performed in as little as 1-2 weeks depending on project scope. Examples of dynamic simulation studies include:

• Distillation column relief load reduction
• Compressor startup and surge studies
• Depressuring analysis
• Refinery steam control systems
• Flare system analysis
• Dynamic decision support simulators


An OLGA2000 interface to DYNSIM allows the connection of multiphase flow of oil, water, and gas models to the DYNSIM dynamic process modelling environment as a standard. These integrated models can be used for simulation scenarios operating in multiphase transport environments. For example, from wells and pipelines to topsides of FPSO or on-shore production facilities. To access OLGA capability with DYNSIM, users require an additional, separate third-party license from Scandpower.


What’s in the New Version?

• Reactions – Added pressure and vapor fraction profile to PFR.
• Equipment Models – Added adjustable heat transfer exponent UExp to Header. This is necessary for those that want to complete pipe warming analysis using compressible holdup model.
• Alarm Sound Object – Dynsim now has a new Alarm Sound Object to give sound to alarms in an enunciator panel.
• Pressure Flow Solver – Extended Dynsim high pressure limits to 100,000 kPa.
• SIM4ME Host Configuration – DSS Host Configuration Editor with Reset will now kill all engines and restart services on remote machines.

The Perfect Dynamic Simulation and Training Tool for Your Engineers and Operators

Connect with Control Systems and Steady-State Simulators
DYNSIM takes full advantage of modern open software standards to interface with other important plant applications, such as steady-state simulators and control system emulators. DYNSIM preserves the equity you have built in any existing PRO/II models at your plant. DYNSIM also connects easily with control system emulators like FSIM Plus to drive operator training systems with a rigorous simulation foundation. DYNSIM’s CORBA layer makes communication with any CORBA compliant application easy.


Scalability Protects Your Investment in DYNSIM
DYNSIM is unique in its ability to seamlessly scale from engineering design applications such as control strategy development to DCS checkout and Operator Training, all within the same graphical environment. It’s modular architecture and open standards ensure that DYNSIM meets all your simulation requirements throughout the life-cycle of your plant.


Rigorous, First Principles Equipment Models Ensure Accuracy
DYNSIM’s first principles models, including rigorous thermodynamic and fluid flow calculations, bring a superior level of robustness and accuracy to dynamic process simulation at your plant. DYNSIM rigorously handles even the most complex plant layouts and systems, using a robust solution algorithm with a speedy initialization capability.



Comprehensive, Rigorous, Field-Proven Dynamic Process Simulation
Over 100 plants around the world have already installed DYNSIM technology to satisfy their process design, operator training, and operational analysis requirements.