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GAEA Pollute 7.13

::::::English Description::::::

The POLLUTEv7 program provides fast, accurate, and comprehensive contaminant migration analysis capabilities. This program implements a one and a half dimensional solution to the advection-dispersion equation. Unlike finite element and finite difference formulations, POLLUTEv7 does not require a time-marching procedure, and thus involves relatively little computational effort while also avoiding the numerical problems of alternate approaches. Landfill designs that can be considered range from simple systems on a natural clayey aquitard to composite liners, multiple barriers and multiple aquifers.

With more then fifteen years utilization in industry, POLLUTEv7 is a well tested contaminant migration analysis program which is widely used in landfill design and remediation.

In addition to advective-dispersive transport, POLLUTEv7 can consider:

  • non-linear sorption
  • radioactive and biological decay
  • transport through fractures
  • passive sinks
  • phase changes, and
  • time-varying properties.

Product:GAEA Pollute 7.13