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Door And Window Builder 11.3 For Archicad 11 插件

Door & Window builder 11.3是用于Archicad 11专门设计门和窗户的插件。

::::::English Description::::::

Door & Window builder 11.3: 
One comprehensive tool for ArchiCAD Windows and Doors.Gain a competitive edge by using this graphically rich configurable window and door tool. One object for all types of windows and door combos. Complete with Graphic scheduling component. 

Freedom to rapidly explore a greater variety of Door & Window styles than you ever imagined
Add personality to your designs without limitation as to style, complexity or construction
Choose from a wide variety of panels and opening methods
Create exclusive glazing with customizable bars
Enhance the appearance with a wide variety of handles and exterior and interior trims and sills
Produce superior schedules with added notes

Product:Door And Window Builder 11.3 For Archicad 11 插件