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Riverware V4.5.4

Model Any BasinSelect generic basin features from a palette, name the features, and link them together to create your basin topology.Customize Your ModelSelect the appropriate physical process equations for each basin feature. Choose units for entering and displaying data. Create and name data icons for holding special data for policies or user-defined functions. Configure plots and spreadsheet-like views of the data.Express Operating Policy as Dynamic DataDetermine policy with maximum flexibility and ease of use thanks to RiverWares ability to express operating policy as user-defined data. Because policy is not compiled into the code, it can be created and modified easily.Simulate or OptimizeSwitch easily between pure simulation, rulebased simulation and optimization modes. RiverWares integration of these modeling approaches into one package makes this possible.Schedule, Forecast and PlanManage daily scheduling, mid-term forecasting and long-range planning by using RiverWares flexible and innovative utilities. Easily modify the model to apply to new design studies or the analysis of operating policies.Use Your Model with EaseEnjoy intuitive interaction and informative messaging to achieve better modeling results faster and more efficiently, even for users with a wide range of experience and expertise.Update Your Model to Meet Future NeedsUse RiverWares data-centered design to update any aspect of your model as needs change. To complement your changing needs, RiverWare developers provide updated, enhanced versions of the model, compatible with changing compilers and operating systems. In short, RiverWare makes obsolescence obsolete.
Product:Riverware V4.5.4