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Golden Software Surfer v8.0

, Changes and Bug Fixes in Surfer 8.02====================================- Creating a periodogram from some unusual grids can cause a crash (fixed).- Fixed an internal error when calculating the kriging standard deviation grid.- Fixed a problem with post map label lines being drawn incorrectly.- Fixed an issue with slow save times in the worksheet.- Bitmaps sometimes draw upside down (fixed).- Two small memory leaks were fixed in the bitmap export code.- Fixed some problems with the SYLK import/export to make it faster when there are a lot of cell formats present.- Exporting an \”empty\” plot to a GSB or MIF file resulted in an invalid file (fixed).- Fixed an internal error when saving the worksheet to SLK format.- Fixed a problem reading some LVL files that resulted in a \”Bad format\” message.- The EMF import filter reported an \”Internal Inconsistency\” error with some metafiles (fixed).- Metafiles sometimes lose the right and bottom edges when drawn (fixed).- Updated the symbols.srf example to use the latest symbol sets.- Fixed an internal error message during gridding. This was caused by an out of memory condition that was not correctly reported due to a Microsoft bug.- Increased the precision of polynomial regression. This allows a few marginal cases with large orders to proceed to completion.- Worked around several printer issues related to printing bitmaps. Most of these problems were related to poorly written HP printer drivers that do not implement the required functionality or report incorrect information to the program.- Fixed a bug in the Inverse Distance Gridding algorithm that resulted in incorrect grids if there are no faults and the power is not equal to 2.0.- Some metafiles produced by Surfer could not be read by non-Golden Software apps due to incorrect information in the metafile header (fixed).- Fixed a bug that caused imported GSI files to import at 1,000,000 times the correct size.- Modified the base map font scaling to NOT scale text when the base map is scaled. This allows the font size displayed in the base map dialog to accurately reflect the physical size in the drawing, and emulates the Surfer 7 behavior. A similar modification was made for symbols in base maps.- Fixed a minor bug that caused the Y axis title on variograms from being updated when the estimator was changed.- Fixed a floating point exception that was triggered by setting the in-line label font height to 0.0.- Added an error message if an attempt is made to digitize a map with perspective projection. This is no longer allowed due to accuracy issues. Change the map to orthographic projection before digitizing.- The MIF import filter has been improved to handle rotated text better.- Line width in surface plots was not correct at various zoom levels or when printed (fixed).
Product:Golden Software Surfer v8.0