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DLUBAL RFEM 2.01.643[/img]RFEM is a multi-purpose FEM program that can analyze deformations, internal forces, support forces and contact pressures of 2D and 3D structures made of plates, shells, walls, solids and/or members.Typical fields for the use of RFEM are the design of reinforced concrete structures and of steel structures or a combination of both. If concrete slabs, ceilings, walls, rotational shells or details like welded connections or supports for vessels – RFEM can handle them all. This FEM program is not only a tool for civil engineers, however: Also mechanical engineers may find it useful for their analyses. RFEM is one of the first programs in its field that can be used by engineers without extensive training sessions. First-time users of RFEM will have no problem getting used to it. Many pictures, clearly structured dialogs and practical-oriented functions allow getting to results immediately after the installation.The RFEM family is a modular software package which can be extendend according to the user’s demands with add-on modules for steel and reinforced concrete design. RFEM 2.xx offers a variety of helpful functions.
Product:DLUBAL RFEM 2.01.643