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Sieve Analysis Report System 4.0

[img][/img]Gain control of, and access to, all of your Sieve Analysis test data. Manage the collection of field sample data, and record the results of laboratory testing of soil samples. Generate reports for internal management and regulatory compliance. Prepare test reports and summaries for distribution to clients, consultants, contractors, suppliers and other relevant parties. 〉 Projects and Clients – Maintain records for each client and other parties who need to receive copies of test reports. Maintain records for each project, and subproject where necessary, including references to clients, care-of parties and other distribution parties. Include contract details for invoicing, and select the system of units to be used for each project. Prepare detail and summary reports of projects and clients. These data are common to all other materials testing report systems provided by McIntyre Associates.〉 Suppliers and Sources – Maintain records for each material supplier and for all material sources for each supplier. 〉 Sieve Tests and Analysis – Maintain records for each Sieve test for a project and each Sieve Analysis for that test. Each Sieve test record includes all field sampling data as well as laboratory sieve analysis results. Edit of each Sieve test includes a display of a Sieve graph of the percent passing and retained for each sieve size.
Product:Sieve Analysis Report System 4.0