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Geogiga Seismic Pro 8.3

Geogiga Seismic Pro 8.3


Reflection Data Processing

Efficiently process reflection data in one application with multistep redo and undo

SF Imager icon

SF Imager

Single-fold Reflection or GPR Data Processing

A feature-rich application for processing single-fold seismic reflection or GPR data


Refractor icon


Conventional Refraction Analysis

Highly interactive first-break picking and automatic phantom to derive layered velocity structures with GRM

DW Tomo icon

DW Tomo

2D Refraction Tomography

Estimate subsurface velocity structures with efficient first-break picking and fast shortest path ray tracing

DW Tomo3D icon

DW Tomo3D

3D Refraction Tomography

Derive three-dimensional subsurface velocity structures with efficient first-break picking and fast 3D shortest path ray tracing

Surface Wave

Surface icon


Active Surface Wave Data Analysis

Efficiently process active surface wave data using MASW and SASW with GA inversion

Surface Plus icon

Surface Plus

Active and Passive Surface Wave Data Analysis

All-in-one application for efficiently processing active and passive surface wave data with MASW, REMI, SPAC, and ESPAC

Surface3D icon


3D Plotting for Surface Wave Analysis

Interactive rendering of 3D volume built from velocity profiles in a survey area

Microtremor icon


Microtremor Measurements

Estimate the site predominant frequency using HVSR with a few clicks

Surface RT icon

Surface RT

Real-time Monitoring for Passive Surface Wave Data Acquisition

Improve the efficiency of passive surface wave data acquisition with real-time generated dispersion images

Borehole Seismic

XW Tomo icon

XW Tomo

Crosswell Tomography

Efficiently derive velocity structures among vertical or deviated wells with fast and robust ray tracing

VSP icon


Vertical Seismic Profiling

Efficiently process zero-offset or offset VSP data

PS Log icon

PS Log

Downhole Seismic Velocity Logging

Interactive simultaneous processing of P-wave and S-wave data for downhole velocity surveys


Front End icon

Front End

Seismic Data Preprocessing

Preprocess seismic data with various functions, such as resampling, vertical stacking, nodal data assembling, trace swapping, and format conversion

Seismapper icon


2D and 3D Plotting of Velocity or Seismic Sections

Plot 3D fence diagram for all velocity or seismic sections in a survey area

EFit icon


Interactive Event Fitting

Interactively determine velocity and thickness of a layered model by fitting T-X curves with refraction and reflection events

Modeling icon


1-D Seismic Modeling

Simulate surface waves, refracted and reflected waves for a layered velocity model with analytic solutions

Modeling2D icon


Full-wave Modeling

Elastic full-wave modeling for complex velocity structures, refreshing wavefields and seismograms throughout the process


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