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LISCAD 2022 What is new:

LISCAD is continually enhanced with new and improved features as listed below. For detailed descriptions, refer to the appropriate help topic as underlined.

February 2022

1. New Network Licensing

o This new Network Licensing system enables the user to optimise the use of the LISCAD Network Licences. The seats from the licence can be leased over a LAN or WAN, or over the internet. The seats can be checked out for period of time for offline use.

2. Create Point by Line extension / trim function enhanced.

o Now includes support for Arcs, Circles & Splines.

3. Support for GeoMax X-PAD.

o Support for the GeoMax X-PAD data recorder via Field Transfer.

4. Improved viewing of photos attached to Point, line or Polygon.

o Photos can be examined more easily via point selection. The sizing of the photo display enhanced.

5. Enhanced Traverse Editor. Various improvements made including:

o Line code & description now available in the Editor.

o Any Corrections Settings made are now remembered by the system.

6. Additional methods to import / export Code Tables.

o Ability to import or merge Code Table data from XML files.

7. File search option can set the default location to the current project folder

o When browsing to an external file to interact with LISCAD, the initial search folder can be where the current LISCAD project is.

8. Projections created by a user can be kept after LISCAD is updated

o If a user has created or edited their own projection, that new projection is kept in the system after an update (along with any new system supplied projections).

9. Various reports have an option to be comma delimited format

Tabular type reports can be exported as CSV files. The reports which this can be done are:

1. Profiles and Design Cross Section Report

2. Line Comparison By Line

3. Point Comparison to Linear Object

4. Alignment to Alignment Report

5. Alignment Centreline Report

6. Isolated Stringable Points

7. Point Comparison By Alignment

8. Point From Alignment

9. Points Report

10. Lines Report

11. Point Comparison By Point Report

10. Merge function allows conversions of older version SEE files.

o If a user needs to merge in a SEE file from a previous version, the conversion process is now done automatically.

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