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3DMine 2020.3

3DMine 2020.3

Micromine is a comprehensive and easy to use exploration and mine design solution, which offers integrated tools for modelling, estimation, design, optimisation and scheduling.

Micromine provides users with an in-depth understanding of your projects, so prospective regions can be targeted more accurately, increasing the chance of your project’s success. Miners are provided with interactive and easy-to-use modelling, estimation, and design tools to simplify your day-to-day design and production tasks.

The latest version of MICROMINE\’s exploration and mine design solution, Micromine 2020.5, comprises 11 modules. As a scalable and flexible solution, Micromine 2020.5 provides you with the flexibility to choose the functionality you need when you need it. Additionally, the focus on 64-bit in Micromine 2020.5 means that you can work more efficiently and with more data than ever before. Increase your productivity and cost efficiencies with Micromine 2020.5.

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