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IHS QUE$TOR 2019 Q3 provides concept screening, optimization and detailed oil and gas CAPEX/OPEX cost estimates. The QUE$TOR application suite includes QUE$TOR Offshore, QUE$TOR Onshore and QUE$TOR LNG Regasification modules.

All cost databases have been reviewed and updated to incorporate current unit rates, exchange rates and man hour costs for al regions to reflect first quarter 2019 prices.

The main technica enhancements made to QUE$TOR 2019 Q3 are:

  • Steam injection
  • Drilling updates
  • Electrically heat traced flowline (EHTF) enhancement
  • Sulphur quantity in production facility
  • Erosiona velocity constant in regiona technica databases
  • Editable number and design capacity of dehydration trains
  • Platform xmas trees included in Topsides weight

The above changes as wel as numerous other improvements and minor bug fixes have been made at the request of users and through interna review. We actively encourage feedback from users as a means of improving the accuracy and ease of use of the program.

Product:IHS QUE$TOR 2019 Q3