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PetraSim integrates the TOUGH family of codes into a user interface that allows the analyst to focus on the model, while automatically handling the complex details of simulator input and results.

The TOUGH2 versions of PetraSim include the corresponding simulation software at no extra cost.

3D Model Creation

PetraSim supports completely interactive 3D model creation. The user can import existing 3D layer data and use it to define the model geometry.

Users can assign material properties to the layers and define wells through the model.

PetraSim Layers
Mesh Generation

PetraSim supports multiple meshing options. The most basic is a rectangular mesh in which cells are assigned properties based on the region in which they are located. This mesh provides the most reliable convergence properties. If it is desired to have the mesh conform to the layers, this can be accomplished using either a rectangular or Voronoi conforming mesh.

The image shows a Voronoi conforming mesh with the middle layer hidden to display the interior of the model.

Voronoi Mesh
New Model Dialog
Support for TOUGH EOS Options

The TOUGH codes have been developed for many different Equations of State (EOS). Each equation of state describes a different set of components.

For example, EOS3 describes water and air which can exist in single or two-phase conditions and can be used for groundwater or geothermal applications. EOS7C includes methane-carbon dioxide or methane-nitrogen gas mixtures. Applications include subsurface geologic carbon sequestration sites and natural gas reservoirs. The components modeled include water, brine, non-condensible gas (CO2 or N2), gas tracer, methane, and heat.

All EOS module executables are optimized and integrated into PetraSim, so no further compilation is required. The user just clicks and runs. If you have developed a modified variation of TOUGH, support is provided to pre-process and post-process those results also.