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AquiferTest is an easy-to-use software package for analyzing, interpreting and visualizing pumping and slug test data. Designed by hydrogeologists for hydrogeologists, AquiferTest delivers all the tools needed to accurately interpret data from all types of aquifers in all types of test conditions.

Why Choose AquiferTest?
Intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface
Analyze test data from pumping tests, slug tests and Lugeon tests
Seamless integration with pumping test instrumentation including Diver dataloggers and Level Loggers
Diagnostic plots and derivative analysis for identifying aquifer conditions from test data
A comprehensive suite of analysis methods and solutions suitable for all types of aquifers including confined, unconfined, leaky and fractured aquifers
Easily account for various well conditions including wellbore storage, horizontal wells and single well analyses
Advanced pre-processing tools for barometric compensation and trend correction
Automatic type curve matching
Customizable professional-quality analysis reports
Over 15 years of continued development and support by groundwater experts
Lots of tutorials to help you get started quickly