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Bentley AutoPIPE V8i

Piping Design and Analysis Software for Productivity, Integration, and meets Nuclear Quality Standards

Increased Productivity

According to the largest EPCs in the world, their turn-around time for pipe stress work was reduced between 20-50 percentage productivity gains by switching from competitors programs to Bentley AutoPIPE. Because 80 to 90 percent of pipe stress work is spent finding solutions, Bentley AutoPIPE has been designed with many productivity features, like graphical copy/paste, point and click for fast modification, Excel style grids, and instant feedback from graphical results. This allows AutoPIPE users to quickly iterate toward a solution and hand over final code stress reports and final piping layouts to the designer, or support loads to the structural engineer weeks in advance.

Increase pipe stress analysis productivity
Integration for a complete workflow

Not just a single solution, Bentley AutoPIPE is instead part of a comprehensive portfolio of CAD, CAE, and structural engineering software from Bentley. Bentley AutoPIPE integrates with CAD, STAAD, and ProjectWise to provide a complete analysis, design, and documentation workflow solution. No matter what type of project you have, Bentley has the most productive software tools available, with the highest level of interoperability available, including all major 3D CAD systems like AutoPLANT, PlantSpace, Intergraph PDS, and Aveva PDMS.

Now the only solution on the market today with tight integration between piping and structural analysis, Bentley AutoPIPE can automatically transfer pipe support loads as well as import complete structures to and from STAAD.Pro, saving weeks of design time and providing safer, more realistic engineered designs.

Anyone on a project team for the first time in Bentley Navigator can view a detailed piping or structural analysis model complete with all the modeling and result data alongside the \”real-time\” 3D CAD model in order to make early design decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Using ProjectWise collaboration servers, distributed engineering is now possible with remote teams around the world.

Intregrate with CAD software
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State-of-the art modeling and analysis

Do you have difficulty correlating your model data with your piping system? Enjoy the power of bi-directionally synchronized Excel style spreadsheets with a graphical plot. Changes in either plot or grid are updated in real time. Like Excel, you can hide columns, easily make global changes across multiple cells or columns; you can uniquely sort any column to quickly find differences in the data or create customized printouts of any grid to PDF format.

Bentley AutoPIPE also offers graphical copy and paste functionality for quick modeling and the ability to deal with changes in a timely manner.

Bentley AutoPIPE has an advanced non-linear engine developed by Prof. Emeritus (UC Berkeley) to perform load sequencing not found in other programs. It also includes built-in wave loading, industry recognized buried pipeline analysis, dynamic loadings, and orthotropic FRP/GRP piping analysis; thermal bowing of hot partially filled pipes, pipe/structure interaction, fluid transient with closure time, and relief valve utilities, non-linear support gaps and friction and jacketed piping.

State-of-the-art pipe modeling and analysis

Intuitive GUI modeling

AutoPIPE offers an always present graphical user interface that enables the user to dynamically input graphically for faster modeling and modifications. Our one screen CAD-like graphical environment is the most intuitive in the industry, with 3D OpenGL rendering and smart component graphics for realistic animation and visualization.

Intuitive CAD-like modeling
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Intelligent object technology

No other pipe stress program can offer the intelligent object technology for faster modeling to build complex models in seconds or share pipe support layouts with other engineers on the project. Object technology allows the user to graphically select components or pipeline segments to apply loadings, soil, or different types of data in one easy operation without entering the data for each element one by one.

Intelligent object technology for faster modeling
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Comprehensive design codes

Now used in 55 countries for the last 20 years, Bentley AutoPIPE has maintained the latest codes and features of 24 international piping codes and standards for ASME, British, European, German, Japanese, Chinese, API, NEMA, ANSI, ASCE, AISC, UBC, and WRC. Previous code years are supported for power and nuclear plant retrofits and more than 20 pipe support spring manufacturers from the United States to United Kingdom, Spain, India, Japan and China.

Developed as a scalable solution to meet the needs of companies working in industries like nuclear and fossil power, process and chemical plants, offshore FPSO platform and riser design, fire protection systems, oil refineries, cross-country gas and oil pipelines, FRP piping, and building services piping.
Product:Bentley AutoPIPE V8i