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Bentley Structural Modeler V8i

Bentley Structural Modeler V8i is part of Bentley’s integrated suite of building information modeling (BIM) applications, which provide seamless integration between design, engineering, analysis, construction, and operations for the entire lifecycle of facilities. Bentley Structural Modeler V8i provides comprehensive documentation and building information modeling (BIM) serving the needs of structural engineers, designers and BIM practitioners through accurate document generation and integrated project delivery. Additionally, Bentley Structural Modeler V8i provides engineers the ability to easily explore design alternatives with flexible interdisciplinary coordination and interoperability with industry-leading structural analysis software products.

Bentley Structural Modeler V8i is versatile enough for use on any type of structural project. Structural systems can be created for buildings and industrial plants in steel, concrete, and timber with unlimited freedom.

Bentley Structural Modeler V8i provides the ability to automate and synchronize the creation of construction documentation across a project. This provides a significant time savings over a 2D workflow. The construction documentation is easily customizable allowing for incorporation of standards.

With Bentley Structural Modeler V8i\’s seamless integration, access timely information across multidisciplinary project teams whether they are working in a single office or distributed across many offices. In addition, our links to leading structural analysis applications including RAM and STAAD provide for true integration with your design model and CIS/2 and SDNF file formats provide support for detailing and fabrication.
Bentley Structural Modeler V8i is one of the most significant opportunities to increase accuracy and efficiency while reducing time, schedule, and costs across a wide spectrum of engineering projects.
Product:Bentley Structural Modeler V8i