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Synopsys Nanochar 2006.12 SP1

。Complete and accurate cell characterization is essential for automated implementation and verification of complex system-on-chips (SoC). Capturing sufficiently accurate timing, power and signal integrity information, as well as operating condition variability for 90-nm and 65-nm technologies requires major additions to the technology information developed for previous technologies. Synopsys?NanoChar characterization system is a complete, automated, characterization solution for standard cells and other macrocells that delivers the accuracy and capabilities required for 90-nm and below process geometries.Working in conjunction with Synopsys?highly-accurate HSPICE circuit simulator, NanoChar characterization system derives critical timing, power, and signal integrity data to create open, industry-standard Liberty (.lib) and Verilog (.v) files for use by all Synopsys tools as well as other EDA tools. The NanoChar characterization system lowers characterization costs and reduces the time-to-market for design teams by automating the entire characterization process and by capturing the newest effects as demanded by leading edge EDA tools, including noise and Composite Current Source (CCS) models. At-a-glance Complete, automatic, accurate characterization solution for standard cells and other macrocells. Simple characterization setup using existing Liberty (.lib) libraries and SPICE netlists and models. Automatic acquisition of cell function and creation of characterization stimulus vectors. User-configurable, fully-automated acquisition of cell timing, power and signal integrity data. Flexible distribution of characterization circuit simulation across server farms. Native generation of industry-standard Liberty™ (.lib) and Verilog® models tuned for Synopsys® Galaxy™ and Discovery™ platforms. Automated verification of function and timing data using Galaxy and Discovery platforms. Flexible characterization data Application Procedural Interface (API) to enable creation of custom library formats. Datasheet generation for each cell in a created library. Optimized performance when using HSPICE® circuit simulator to simulate cells. How the NanoChar characterization system worksThe NanoChar characterization system automates all three critical characterization processes: Model Data Acquisition, Model Generation and Model Verification. Model Data Acquisition using industry standard HSPICE circuit simulation ?Once a user configures the characterization environment for a library or set of macrocells, either by reading in an existing Liberty (.lib) file or by providing configuration text files, the NanoChar characterization system automatically acquires functionality, violation and forbidden state information for each cell, by running circuit simulation. NanoChar characterization system generates a full range of user-alterable stimulus vectors, circuit measurements and cell operating scenarios for characterization for circuit simulation to deliver all the data needed to model each cell. This includes data on: timing, power, capacitance, fanout, threshold, output slope, IV characteristics, noise immunity and propagation, and CCS waveforms. The NanoChar characterization system can also distribute circuit simulation across as many servers as required to reduce overall characterization time of an entire library.Model Generation ?The NanoChar characterization system then generates a complete set of logical libraries tuned for Synopsys?Galaxy Implementation and Discovery Verification platforms, including a Liberty (.lib) and a Verilog (.v) file. This open, industry standard output can also be used with virtually any other EDA tool solution. Users can also create their own custom formats using an optional procedural interface that enables structured access to the characterization database.Model Verification ?The NanoChar characterization system automates verification of functional, timing and violation information in the library by comparing information extracted from circuit simulation for each cell against the same information reported from corresponding Galaxy and Discovery tools. Timing and function information is verified against the results of PrimeTime® static timing analysis solution and/or VCS® RTL verification simulation. ValueTime-to-market Quicker design team adoption and ROI from new 130 nanometer (nm), 90-nm and 65-nm technologies and processes. QFast, accurate and simple characterization of entire cell libraries or macrocells. QQuick updates to existing libraries for changes in process, operating conditions and design needs. QComplete libraries, including the latest Liberty modeling additions for 90-nm and 65-nm effects including noise and CCS. Cost Reduced cost of characterization and characterization infrastructure.s Complete characterization solution for standard cells and macrocells. Regularly updated and tuned capabilities for leading-edge process and library modeling effects. Open, industry-standard Liberty output for use with all EDA tools.
product:Synopsys Nanochar 2006.12 SP1