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SCIA ESA Prima Win v3.60

[img][/img][b]Resistance and stability calculations of structures:[/b] SCIA.ESA PT & ESA-Prima Win With our two programs, [b]SCIA.ESA PT[/b] and [b]ESA-Prima Win[/b], we offer very extended calculation capacities, graphic modelling and a very convivial analysis. A CAD model is built at the same time as the analytical project. This allows the immediate creation of useful plans for a preparatory project. All structures, as well as their parametric models, are workable. Our software has been adapted to many national and European standards. Finally they communicate in a transparent and bi-directional way with drafting packages like Allplan (Nemetschek) or ProSteel (Kiwi Software). And of course, they are adapted for importing files in DXF, DWG, &, format.This software is conceived with the objective to offer our users a guarantee on:[b]Speed:[/b] Working graphically with intelligent structural objects (beams, columns, walls, floors, &) Intuitive and easy to learn user interface An open library of parametric models for the fast generation of new structures Load generators (snow, wind, water accumulation, &) Generation of a customised calculation note with automatic paragraph numbering Automatic new generation of the calculation results after modification of the structure (active document) Extended picture gallery: overview drawings, details [b]Quality:[/b]Calculation and execution models are integrated: possible mistakes are eliminated Visual control 2D drawings are automatically generated from the 3D model Professional calculation notes Development and support by an ISO 9001 / 2001 company [b]Safety:[/b]Reliable calculation results guarantee an indispensable tool for everyday use Control of fire resistance Simulation of various loads (snow, wind, rain, earthquakes) Dynamic behaviour Large deformations Totally in accordance with international design codes Seismic spectrum [b]Innovation:[/b]Object oriented technology (each element of the structure is an intelligent structural object) Excellent integration and communication (XML, various industry interfaces) Bi-directional coherent link between the calculation and drawing models (CAD) Extensive calculation possibilities (linear, second order, dynamic, &) International program (with a comprehensive range of codes for various countries) Parametric modelling and optimisation of the design Structures from simple to complex geometry: straight bars, curved bars, with reinforcements and variable changing inertia Detailing: design of steel connections, design of concrete reinforcement The newest design techniques, e.g. fire safety control of steel structures Open program interface for customisation by professional users [b][/b][b][/b][url=javascript:][img][/img][img][/img][/url][url=javascript:][img][/img][/url][url=javascript:][img][/img][/url][url=javascript:][img][/img][img][/img][/url][url=javascript:][img][/img][img][/img][/url][url=javascript:][img][/img][/url]
Product:SCIA ESA Prima Win v3.60